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Statements of Significance & Design & Access Statements

Under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), March 2012, applicants are required to undertake an evaluation of significance before carrying out works to a "heritage asset". We provide the expertise needed to prepare a Statement of Significance as part of an application for listed building consent or planning permission and we also prepare Heritage Impact Assessments or Design and Access Statements.

A Statement of Significance will consider:

  • What makes a building special or unusual & its significance
  • How it has evolved over time, and how any changes or alterations contribute to or detract from its importance
  • Its condition – sometimes this is relevant to an application if economic viability is a consideration
  • Its setting – the setting can also be of historic interest & is particularly relevant to new development

As part of a Design and Access Statement or Planning Justification, we will consider the physical and visual impact of any proposed alterations and any impact on significance.